Review White Fox Oracle

There’s a video in French and written review in English below. La vidéo est en français tandis que l’article ci-dessous est en anglais. Je réponds aux mêmes questions (mais pas forcément de la même manière).

The White Fox Oracle is an indie oracle deck created by Sabine Cazassus aka Zedoras.

  1. 3 things I love the most about it.

Even though I’ve only been using it for a few days, I can answer with no hesitation:

  • Its generosity! At once, it’s obvious Sabine put a lot of work and love into it. She wants us to receive this deck as a companion. And it shows! It’s simultaneously straight-forward and sweet. In the texture as well: the mate cards’ softness feel like a comfy duvet. The vibe of radical softness and generosity reverberates in the colours. It’s not just a cute deck: the palette of greens, blues, teal alongside warmer tones ranging from yellow to a warm pink wrap the deck in an elemental atmosphere. wp-15818558875162278653883527349225.jpgThe presence of the elements is further confirmed with 4 animal cards who appear to work as guardians of the 4 elements. Besides, it’s worth noticing 3 « realm » cards, representing the animal, vegetal, and mineral realms. The White Fox Oracle is inhabited by some strong spirits – or helpers who might guide you to the spirit-world. For those who want to use it this way, it favorises interactions with « the Invisible ». Very witchy indeed! 😊
  • From there on, you can perhaps guess 2 of its other qualities.

wp-15818559139086569567849252269696.jpgIt’s comprehensive. Its 50 cards cover a wide range of topics from trivial (although it’s not a mere a daily-life-oriented oracle deck) to sacred. Including relationships (social medias, friends, environment, deities, with yourself and so on), creativity and knowledge, weather and seasons (metaphorically or matter-of-factly), all kinds of travels, mental and emotional circumstances, and much more. A generalist deck, to sum it up. It’s rare enough in an oracle deck to highlight it.

It’s interactive. It’s meant to be, and it really works that way. In the LWB, the statement is clear: we don’t get so much information, we’re supposed to get to know the deck.wp-15818560540177341752250558678776.jpg I know it can be overwhelming! However, we’re not left to ourselves because the whole conception enables us to get to know (hear, feel, see…) the White Fox Oracle. It’s friendly, not impressive. There are a couple of keywords for each card you can refer to if you feel stuck. And, well-hidden, link to an internet page provides more information about the author’s intentions for each of the 50 cards. The deck is gifted to us as a companion.

I’ve come up with a little theory. The White Fox Oracle comes with indications and clues but it will gain presence and strength in interaction with us, making it special. The WFO is therefore a deck it’s easy to personify. It seems to have a life of its own, just for us. I wouldn’t say I usually enjoy attributing a personality to a deck. With this one, it’s an organic process for me . Interactivity also mean I don’t only project unto it. It replies back somehow.

  1. 3 things I’m not sure about.

I assure you I’m not getting paid for this review, I bought my own deck, I don’t know the creator personally. BUT! It’s hard to find 3 flaws to the WFO.

  • It’s rrrrreally cute. To the point of off-putting for me. I would prefer fewer funny faces (although it adds to the sense of personality). I’m not a fan of the unicorn, cupcake and anthropomorphised animal cards. Nevertheless, because the WFO feels so whole, I wouldn’t detach them off from the deck.
  • The gorgeous teal edges leak a bit. But one can easily wipe off the excess from the cards.
  • I can’t find a third, seriously. I don’t even mind about the edges because the WFO is so cheap for its high quality. Most decks that cost only 20 euros (or much more) don’t reach such an amazing level (I mentioned it’s soft, didn’t I? It really is!).
  1. My favourite cards

Intense spirit cards (my definition) like the ghosts, the skulls and bones, the stars, the sparks.


  1. Cards I don’t like as much

The anthropomorphised animals cards and the way-too-cute cupcake card I mentioned earlier.


  1. Pull 3 cards and name them

For us to connect with the deck our own way, the cards carry no name or number. There are only a couple of keywords in the booklet. I want to name them so I can keep track more easily in my journals.


Etincelles / Sparkles
Moires / Moirai
Trou noir / Black hole

  1. Draw 2 cards to describe the deck (the who and the what/how)

A messenger who’ll help us change perspective


I adore this answer I got for my video review in French!!!

  1. 3 ways to use the White Fox Oracle deck


  • For daily draws to use the cards as companions/perspectives (pink glasses) through the day.
  • For spiritual practices, to help receive messages from Spirit (the Hermes, winged sneakers card)
  • Would be great to read tarot for others once I get to know it, because it covers so many topics and sparks the intuition.
  1. 3 allies for the deck

  • Other decks eg The Weird Wisdom arcana by Le Page Novembre or my own DIY decks.
  • Personal creations: sewing a pouch for it or a special journal to write cards’ meanings.
  • Kids

  1. Wrapping up: the deck’s last advice to us after this long review


Have a look through the keyhole! What’s seemed so vague up until now can reveal its secrets! Are you ready to unlock the door?

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